At Kids Unlimited we realize that having your child participate in the summer program can be a financial stretch. We know that some people want to put their kids in this amazing program but cannot come up with the dollars needed to participate.

That’s why we created a program specifically designed to lessen that burden. It makes it possible for anyone who really wants to join KU to be able to participate in next year’s KU Summer Showcase.


Start any time –– Beginning at anytime, you may make deposits into a KU STAR SAVER account for your child or children.

We'll save it for you ––We will save that money for you until opening day of summer camp. Then when the tuition due date arrives you will already have all or part of your tuition paid!

Deposit any amount –– You may make deposits of any amount into your STAR SAVER account, from $10 to $100 or more.

Example– With a monthly deposit of only $50, if you begin in September, you will have $500 saved by camp time to put toward your child’s tuition.

Deposit any time –– You may deposit once a month or once a week or every other month. It’s up to you!

Combine it with fundraising– You can use this program in conjunction with the fundraising tools KU provides, such as candy sales, ad sales, raffle tickets sales, etc.

100% refund –– Should you start a STAR SAVER account and then be unable to participate, 100% of your money will be refunded.

Available to all students ––The STAR SAVER plan is available to both returning and NEW students who have always wanted to be in the show but couldn’t afford it.

Anyone can deposit –– Anyone can make a deposit into any student’s account. Grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and co-workers may all contribute.

Start Today –– To get started with your KU STAR SAVER account, just register online for OUR summer camp and then make a deposit with your PayPal account. If you prefer to have a paper copy, download the StarSaver form HERE Or call or email us and ask for a form to be sent to you. Fill it out and send it in along with your first deposit to Kids Unlimited, P.O. Box 994528, Redding CA, 96099-4528.

It’s that simple!