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June 8 - July 16
THREE Fabulous Show July 15 & 16

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THE CAMP IS DEVOTED to training kids between the ages of 7 and 18 in the artistry and performance of singing, dancing, acting and most everything pertaining to the arts. In late spring, as many as two hundred kids are evaluated and their skills assessed in the primary performance areas of singing and dancing. Eight dance teams and five singing teams are then formed from the many skill levels of the campers. For the next six weeks, with the able instruction of a staff of highly trained, experienced professionals, the KU students participate in daily performance classes and workshops in singing, dancing and acting plus a wide variety of eleven exciting elective classes of their choosing.

WHILE PARENTS VOLUNTEER in all areas of the production and camp experience, the kids are working in their daily classes to produce a spectacular two hour Broadway-style showcase at the end of July. From Monday through Friday, 8:00 am until approximately 4:15 pm our students work with unbounded excitement and almost limitless energy in their endeavor to create the most wonderful event they have ever participated in!

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NEARLY A THOUSAND COSTUMES are customized and created for the approximately thirty songs that will be performed with exhilarating precision. A professional recording of their amazing singing is made for the show. Professional lighting and sound is engaged to ensure a nearly flawless production. Voices, faces and feet are polished and perfected before the opening night’s curtain. Such intoxicating excitement is hard to describe to anyone who has not seen a KU show firsthand! The memories, the life lessons, the teamwork, the self-esteem and the confidence that each performer experiences this summer will not be forgotten. This will be their summer of dreams!

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