How Does it Work?

When a student registers for the Kids Unlimited Summer Show Camp there will be one major decision to make - to audition or not to audition. There are two ways to enroll. We gladly take beginners - students who have little or no experience in singing or dancing or perhaps they are just too shy or afraid to go through a big audition process.  That’s OK! We have a place for them and they will still participate in the entire show. They will learn all of the songs in a beginning singing class and they will dance backup on our signature team called STAGETEAM.

STAGETEAM is one of the most important elements of the summer show because it generates a tremendous amount of energy and provides an amazing backdrop for the SHOWCASE dance teams and vocal soloists. EVERYONE is on the STAGETEAM. The dancing is simple but entertaining and can be learned by all of the students. This is a level 1 dance team.
For the experienced or merely brave students who like an extra challenge, we hold auditions in singing and dancing for our SHOWCASE teams. Students can audition to be on one or both of these team venues. There are 8 SHOWCASE dance teams and 4 SHOWCASE singing teams. When students audition it is determined whether or not they should be placed on a SHOWCASE team. 

Our SHOWCASE dance teams are arranged in gemstone order beginning with RUBY, TOURMALINE, TOPAZ, GARNET, EMERALD, SAPPHIRE, AMETHYST, and DIAMOND. OUR SHOWCASE singing teams are arranged in metallic order beginning with BRONZE PLUS, SILVER, GOLD and PLATINUM.

The SHOWCASE dance team members are also members of the STAGETEAM.  When they are not performing with their SHOWCASE team they are performing backup with the STAGETEAM.  For example, the youngest dance teams will perform 2 songs in the show and the highest teams may perform up to 7 songs. When they are not performing their own songs downstage, they are dancing backup choreography upstage with the STAGETEAM.  Their SHOWCASE numbers are fully costumed and have extra fees. They will also have an additional class period for rehearsal each day from 45 minutes to 1 3/4 hours.
ALL students must take a singing class to learn the songs they will be performing. The beginning level 1 singing team is called BRONZE. This is the team that non-auditioned students will be on. Make no mistake, they are every bit as important as the SHOWCASE singing teams because whether dancing on STAGETEAM or on a SHOWCASE team, ALL students must sing while they are performing. That means they must know the songs inside-out and backwards to be able to move correctly and sing at the same time. This is indeed a challenge for almost every student!

The students that make it onto a SHOWCASE singing team have a lot of responsibility! They will  provide the soundtracks for the entire show. In only 4 short weeks they must prepare to record their singing of all 32 songs! The BRONZE PLUS level 2 team will record 1 or 2 of the songs, but they must learn them all to perform live in the show. The SILVER level 3 team will record 2-3 songs and perform a live number with GOLD and PLATINUM in the show. The GOLD and PLATINUM teams record the bulk of the soundtracks.  These teams must learn all of the songs plus all of the harmony parts that go with them.
But with great responsibility comes great privilege! All SHOWCASE singing teams are eligible to try out for solos in the show. This is a two day process and while it is a competition, it is also shows a strong bond between many of the students. Kids Unlimited puts a lot of emphasis on teamwork and working together to accomplish an amazing feat in a very short time!  Our KU kids exhibit an amazing maturity and sense of pride when it comes to this part of the camp. They encourage and uplift each other in a way that is heartwarming and brings tears to many an eye. This is a highlight event of the camp and is more like it’s own showcase than a solo competition. 
Kids Unlimited has a excellent Student Leadership program for SHOWCASE students age 12 and up who have had at least one year’s experience as a KU student. These students are chosen based on the observation of the senior staff members regarding skill, attitude and leadership abilities. There are between 30 and 40 students that are invited to participate each year. 

The student leaders take on a lot of the responsibilities of making sure the camp runs smoothly. Some assist in STAGETEAM as Student Choreographers; some are assigned as Section Captains and provide leadership and inspiration to a specific group of students. All of them help watch over the campus for safety and cleanliness.  Some will be Teacher’s Aides in the enrichment classes and younger dance teams. They all assist with the set up and tear down of the school campus and with the distribution of show posters throughout the community.  The other students look up to them as examples of success and inspiration. They are exceptional in character and leadership and we are proud to have them as strong leaders in our organization.
Our day begins at 8:00 AM sharp with the beginning of STAGETEAM rehearsal. Everyone is present. Not only are there several songs that must be choreographed every day, it is also a time of fun and games. It’s exhilarating to watch hundreds of kids from 7 to 18 working together in unison and synchronized movement to the exciting music chosen for the show.

At 9:45 everyone is dismissed for second period. Many go straight to their singing classes, either the basic BRONZE class or maybe an advanced SHOWCASE singing team.  Others will get a small 15 minute break to grab a snack at the snack bar or chat with friends before they are off to a SHOWCASE dance team rehearsal. Others still may go to an enrichment class to study art or acting or participate in the drum corps. Each student gets a 45 minute break during the day to have lunch and rest before they move on to their next class.

Some students who may just be getting their feet wet in this new and exciting performance world, or some of our youngest students, may choose not to take a full day of enrichment classes and their day is concluded after their 4th period class. But most students remain on campus, taking as many fun filled classes as they possibly can, ending at 4:15 pm. Their day ends with contentment and a feeling of great accomplishment.

At the end of the day our students go home looking forward with great anticipation to their next day at KU. At 8:00 AM the following day it all begins again!  Another day to sing and dance and be with friends; to share thoughts and ideas; to learn and play and feel important, welcomed and wanted.  These are the days they will remember for the rest of their lives. These are the days that will build character, confidence and courage. These are the KU days of summer!