At our summer Show Camp, students may choose up to three
Enrichment Classes to add to their daily curriculum.

Besides being a lot of fun, the art classes help to round out the overall artistic experience of the KU summer camp. These classes add a deeper understanding of the KU EXPERIENCE as student work on various show related projects. This class is for all ages.
  • Taught by a trained and qualified art instructor
  • Students work on several art projects related to the show theme
  • Course may include watercolor, pastels, sculpting, and craft projects
  • A juried art show of the student’s best work is displayed in the Show Lobby
These classes are designed to help students improve their overall dance skills. This is not a performance class, but will be of great benefit to any student who wishes to improve and advance their KU dance experience. It is especially beneficial to students in level 1-3. It’s like taking 6 months of weekly dance classes in just 5 weeks!

  • Discovery: for students age 7 to 10
  • Explorers: for students age 11 to 18
  • Experience the joy of dance through “doing”
  • Basic skills in jazz and musical theater
  • Enjoy weekly dance performances by local studios and artists.
It’s all about the rhythm. Modeled after the acclaimed off-Broadway group,
Stomp, this is a high-energy, percussive symphony of energy and sound.
This class combines dance with unconventional instruments such as
garbage can lids, buckets and brooms and sticks. What could be more fun!
  • Stomp 1: for students age 7 to 10
  • Stomp 2: for students age 11 to 18
This class is designed for students who know how to sing
but want to become better soloists. It is especially beneficial to students who want to audition for one of the show solos, but is open to everyone. Students will learn:

• How to overcome stage fright
• How to develop more confidence for singing
• How to “sell” a song
• How to “move” on stage
• Proper microphone technique
• Better stage presence
This class is designed for students who love to act. They will enjoy
putting on skits and acting in scenes and learning both basic and
advanced acting techniques
Open to all ages
Explore and improve acting skills such as:
  • vocal technique
  • improvisation
  • expression
  • blocking
Students from these classes may audition for acting spots
in the Summer Showcase.
This exciting class is for the student who wants to explore many
different aspects of the world of performance. They will
experience one week each of various performance disciplines.
This class is for All Ages
Hands-on projects which may include:
  • Hip Hop
  • Stage Makeup & Costumes
  • Hollywood Careers
  • Art Project
  • Acting 101
  • And much more!
This class includes the most fun imaginable for learning all about
how to make music with drums, drums and more drums. This class
is fun for everyone and is highly recommended by the Kids Unlimited staff.
  • It’s easy enough for beginners
  • It’s challenging enough for advanced musicians
  • It’s all the rage across the country!
Who doesn’t love tap dancing! Students may take one of two tap
classes, provided it will fit their schedule. One class is for
beginners who have had little or not tap lessons. The other class
is for students who have had a least one year of tap at a dance
studio.It’s like taking 6 months of weekly tap classes in just
5 weeks!
  • It’s fun for everyone
  • It’s challenging
  • Students must provide their own tap shoes
  • Class size is limited
Stamina, coordination, strength, rhythmic response - that what you
need to be a good cheerleader, and you can learn how to be the
best in the KU Cheer Class. Beginning with 7 year olds, we will
teach you the best techniques and latest cheer routines so that
wherever you go, you can give a cheer for KU!
  • All ages
  • Must have appropriate footwear
  • Pom Poms will be provided
  • Class size is limited
Remember your KU Summer Show Camp by making a scrapbook full of wonderful memories of your experiences! Take photos of friends and teachers to include. Make pictures of special events and experiences. You’ll have a very special memento that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life.
  • All Ages
  • Be as creative as you can be
  • All materials will be provided
Dancing is fun any way you put it, but now we'll take it to the next level! Dance Wizards will include learning fun and exciting dance routines that incorporate props like Ribbon Sticks, Scarves, Hoops and Balls!
  • All ages
  • All materials will be provided
  • Class size limited to 25
This fun class will introduce you to some of the most famous Broadway Shows in history! Not only will you enjoy watching these amazing shows on video, you will have a heart-thumping good time playing game-show-style games to see how much you learned! There will be prizes and fun for everyone!
All ages
  • All materials will be provided
  • Class size limited to 15
This class will be a blast! It’s the ultimate in creativity and involves everything from the neck up! From mask making to face painting to mad hatter creations - you’ll explore and create it all. Scary and cute, leopards and lions, fairies and clowns - if you can imagine it, you can create it!
  • All ages
  • All materials will be provided
  • Class size limited to 15
Wii Rock!
Have fun and learn music with the Wii game system! Make music like you never have before.
  • Age 10 and up
  • Rock out with your friends
  • Class size limited to 15